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by The Sea - Coral Reefs

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The coral reefs represent one of the most diverse ecosystems in the world and are often referred to as the "rainforests of the oceans."

Pollution, warming waters, overfishing and ocean acidification threaten the survival of corals.

 One independent study found that coral reefs provided about $483 million in annual net benefit to the U.S. economic from recreation and tourism activities.

bLuGrn design endeavors to protect what we love.

We hope to bring an awareness and appreciation of the treasures our blue-green planet that will inspire us to safeguard our worlds health and beauty. 

The "by The Sea" collection will aid Ocean Conservation by donating a portion of the proceeds from your purchase.

Other Ways to Help

1. Join Ocean Conservancy: Your donation to Ocean Conservancy gets multiplied when supporting the work of our scientists and policy experts working to save reefs and promote adaptation strategies in the face of climate change. Join us at

2. Be a reef-friendly tourist: When visting a reef, respect local guidelines and support reef-friendly businesses.

3. Champion Marine Protected Areas: MPAs give reefs the chance to recover, so support the creation of more and better “undersea Yosemites.”

4. Fight climate change: Reduce your own carbon footprint, and urge elected officials to support mitigation and adaptation strategies.

5. Use chemical pesticides and fertilizers carefully: Even if you live thousands of miles from a coral reef, they products can travel into your local waterways and on to the ocean.

Visit Ocean Conservancy’s website for more information on coral reefs and other ocean issues.