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Black Coral Bangle 22

Black Coral Bangle 22

$ 52.00

Naturally harvested by mother nature a Gorgonian black coral branch was collected from the sandy beaches of Florida. Each branch is hand polished and formed into an elegant cuff or bangle that is light and incredibly flexible.

Interior diameter approx. 2.25" x 2.25" (wrist in photo is 6" around)

** ONE OF A KIND. Each cuff is unique and different. Only a few branches were collected each time I visit the beach so these are a limited edition to my shop.

About Black Coral
Black corals are a group of deep water, tree-like corals related to sea anemones. There are about 230 known species.

Living, black coral's living tissue is brilliantly colored but its name comes from the black or dark brown color of its skeleton.

Gorgonian coral is always shallow water coral is commonly found on Florida’s beaches.

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