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Sterling Sea Fan Ear Jacket

Sterling Sea Fan Ear Jacket

$ 129.00

Sea fan coral has several main branches and a beautiful latticework of linking smaller branches. 

A small segment of a sea fan is captured in metal form and serves as an ear jacket with a fresh water pearl post earring creating a stunning  ear accessory.

These can be worn with pearls (included), diamonds or any other post earrings.

"Coral reefs cover less than one percent of the ocean floor, but support about 1/3 of all marine life. In addition to their incredible value as wildlife habitat, coral reefs protect coastlines from storms and provide billions of dollars of food and jobs every year to people around the world.  

However, threats to their existence such as pollution, global warming, and sedimentation could kill 30 percent of the existing reefs in the next 30 years. "

Protect what you love!  A portion of the proceeds goes to conserving and reviving our oceans.


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